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Dark City Studios, a full-service recording studio in Westchester, NY, is not your average recording facility by any means. At Dark City Studios we have fostered a unique atmosphere in which musicians can expand their minds and fine-tune their artistic practice. We encourage musicians to find their greatest potential by making them feel right at home, without having to worry about the pressures or constraints of a typical recording studio. Whether you are a solo artist just looking to record vocals, or a full band looking to cut an entire record, we do it all. Services that we offer include recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and video packages. Our recording studio in Yonkers is also available for use as a rehearsal space. We have a large 1,500 sq. foot live room fully sound treated for great acoustics, as well as a lounge area to chill and relax. With state of the art recording gear and instruments, the capabilities here are endless.

Dark City Studios is run and operated by Andy Mass of Mass Destruction Entertainment.

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Hourly Rates


1 - 2 People


3 People


Each additional person


Recording, Mixing & Mastering

$50 - $80

Original Production & Arrangement Services

Let Dark City Studio's in-house engineer Andy Mass assist in the production of original music. Whether creating a hip hop beat, playing drums, or involving other live instrumentation — Andy works closely with clients to direct the final piece according to the artist's vision. Please call us for more information.

Prices vary due to setup and breakdown of room, such as equipment being used, cleaning, etc. These rates are subject to change depending on each particular session. Please feel free to call or email at any time if you have questions.

Discounts available when booking longer periods of time.

Private Events Available.



  • Mac Pro with Pro Tools 12
  • Lynx Aurora 8 converter w/ thunderbolt
  • Seventh Circle Audio preamps :: (4) A12's, (3) N72's, (1) J99
  • (2) Purple Audio MC77 Compressor/Limiter
  • Manley ELOP + tube compressor
  • Focal Shape 65 Monitors
  • KRK Rockit 8 monitor speakers
  • JBL EON 615 PA Speakers
  • QSC CP12 PA Speakers
  • Mark Bass Combo Head II w/ 2 X 10" speakers
  • Mark Bass 2 x 10" extension cab
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 2 channel head
  • Marshall JCM 2000 head
  • Peavy 5150 head
  • Mesa Boogie 4 x 12" Recto Cab
  • Mesa Boogie 2 x 12" Recto Cab
  • Ampeg V1 Guitar Combo
  • Fender '63 Tube Reverb
  • Roland Phantom X6 keyboard
  • Roland KC-100 & KC-500
  • Pearl Export series drum kit
  • DW Collectors Series 5 piece kit:
  • 20" x 20" kick, 14" DW Edge snare, 12" rack tom,
  • 14" and 16" floor toms
  • DW Collectors series (all maple) 6 piece kit:
  • 18x20 kick, 14" snare, 8", 10", & 12" rack toms, 14" floor tom.
  • DW 5000 hardware
  • Various Zildjian K and A series cymbals

We have many different microphones to choose from including AKG 414's, Sennheiser 421's, Audix drum mic's, and retro SM-57's from the late 60's! Our studio is treated with Audimute Soundproofing and Pinta-Acoustics.

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